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  • Redmi 8A Pro Latest Official Comes with Jumbo Battery

    Now Xiaomi has released its new smartphone. The smartphone comes with the Redmi series. This Redmi series presence became one of the new families on the Xiaomi line. The smartphone launched is Redmi 8A Pro. This smartphone comes with attractive quality. Not only that, but the specs are carried also not less sophisticated.

    Xiaomi is a smartphone company that always gives various innovations to its products. Previously, this smartphone came with a regular version and not a pro. This time the Redmi 8A series is re-launched with the pro version. This version is superior to previous smartphones.


    How Does Redmi 8A Pro Specification?

    Xiaomi introduces its latest smartphone through a live streaming event. This is due to the less conducive conditions to host a launch event. Here are some specs of REDMI 8A Pro.

    Elegant Display

    The first specificity is the screen display. Xiaomi has a screen that is so superior. The screen used has a size of about 6.2 inches. One of the advantages of this screen is that it has been protected with Corning Gorilla Glass 5. This protection minimizes the occurrence of scratches on the screen.

    Superior Camera

    Next is the specs on the camera part. Redmi 8A Pro carries a camera that has a large enough resolution. The main camera has a resolution of 13 MP and 2 MP.

    The front camera or selfie has a resolution of 8 MP. This camera can be used to capture every moment and event. Whether it’s a photo or video recording.

    Advanced Performance

    Redmi 8A Pro with advanced performance. This is because Xiaomi has implanted Qualcomm’s Snapdragon 439 processor. The performance of the Beguitu is sophisticated so it supports multitasking activities.

    Next is the storage section. Advanced performance with high-end storage. The RAM used has 2GB capacity for the internal storage of 32 GB. 3GB RAM also has the same internal memory capacity.

    Sophisticated performance is one of the strengths of Xiaomi smartphones. Moreover, the capacity of the battery is also so large implanted 5,000 mAh. Users can use this smartphone for unlimited.

    Redmi 8A Pro comes in Indonesia with various color variants. Among them are Midnight Grey, Sea Blue, and Sky White. The price offered is quite affordable around Rp 1.6 million.

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